How Refreshing

yet politically incorrect….

A couple of years ago, at the time we were doing our Operation Push Back we send our push back to the legislators in the state of Georgia. One of the few responses we got was that of a young legislator who asked if we could help write a bill that would make changes in the sex offender registry laws because change was needed. We are in no way legislative bill writers and encouraged him to keep on pushing for change. A few days ago we received a long summary of the stages of communicating with legislators; the what I will term as the canned response, the blow-off, then there is the ‘let me get with someone’ or just about anything but action.

He is running for office again in Georgia and for the detailed way of pushing for action I say emphatically Bravo! For that you will be considered

politically incorrect….


Vicki Henry

Retired after 25 years with the telephone company in St. Louis Missouri. Began as a cord-board operator (yes like Edith Ann) and retired as a 2nd line manager at headquarters. after choosing not to transfer to Dallas. Worked in the student loan industry for 5 years and then Lowe's for just short of five years. Began this journey in 2009 when I found the Daily Strength - Families of Sex Offenders group then went on to become a part of the communications group at RSOL and in 2011 when it was determined at their annual conference that there was interest in beginning a women's advocacy group I accepted the position of President of Women Against Registry. We are now a nationwide all-volunteer non-profit with members in all 50 states.

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  • April 18, 2016 at 7:07 pm

    Hello Kat and all you people on here. And although I have never got the pleasure of meeting Vicki Henry I love her comment “we are made up of movers and shakers”.
    While that gives me a chuckle the bottom line is I myself am a on the sex registry as well as some of your family members or loved ones.

    Kat mentioned so where do we start working on a bill? Well as one leader once said” you folks haven’t been reading your bible”. A lot of people are scared to attack this because of Romans 13 but than one has to think, were not using religion but Gods principles. A religion can be anything but the creator’s law is reality.

    Kat start with the Ten Commandments, and yes we have to stir up the word of the lord to sometimes let those in government places know or else it will only get worse with these sex offender laws.

    Write letters to the editor and see if you can get anything published to the media, get churches involved and if churches don’t under the stuff they preach than they don’t understand about helping others that are lost or saved. Look at it as pulling a drunk out of the gutter.

    We are all going to be accountable believe it or not but helping your fellow man or family is the best thing in the world. I read a sad story about that veteran that can’t go to a nursing home because he is a sex offender and after serving his country and that shows one how much government really cares.

    These internet stings, they are full of worm holes. Now don’t get me wrong but who is abusing who in all this sex offender activity or who is manipulating who in all this.

    Sorry Adam Walsh and Megan’s law but things happen and your situation have been going on since biblical times and you want to bring others down for your notoriety.

    • April 19, 2016 at 9:19 am

      If you don’t know how to write a Letter to the Editor just Google it to get a format then once you have that go to the media article you want to write about and somewhere there is a “Submit Letters to the Editor” and it will give you their criteria. Or, call the media (under contact us at the very top and bottom of the page) and ask them for the criteria. Then write it, have someone read over it and submit it. Contact that media a few days later and ask nicely if they will print it. Vicki

  • January 7, 2016 at 9:59 am

    OK, so where do we start in working on a bill to make changes in the sex offender registry? I’ve no experience in writing bills, but I’ve written alot of letters to the powers that be in Washington. Give us a starting place ane we’ll gladly go from there.
    If no changes are made, if we don’t do something now, those with sex offender labels will have nowhere to live when they get out of prison. Just look at what’s happening in Pasco County and Merritt Island. The general public is OK with unknown murderers living in their midst (there is no registry for them) but heaven forbid an SO dare to darken their county’s doorstep.
    The insanity has to stop. The label sex-offender needs to stop being used as a one size fits all label and the registry needs to be done away with, it serves no purpose but to continue to punish those who have already served lengthy prison sentences. It’s time for WAR to take the fight to Washington, if it’s a bill that needs writing, let’s write it.

    • January 8, 2016 at 8:54 am

      And now some do-gooder in Hillsborough County wants an Anti-Clustering law so that too many SO’s don’t live in their neighborhoods. Isn’t that a hate crime? What if they didn’t want too many Catholics, Jews, LGBT’s in their neighborhoods, would they want a law to get them out too?
      Isn’t there anyone out there that is as mad about this as I am? Since when are people who have served their time for crimes they committed allowed to be treated like trash? They have a right to jobs, housing, and freedom of exsistence without constant persecution from the frightened ninnies who work everyone up by shouting “SEX OFFENDERS IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD”. This is the whole damn problem with the registry, too much info available to too many brainless and heartless do-gooders.

    • January 18, 2016 at 4:53 pm

      I think I speak for many of us when I say “where do I begin?” There is a fear that speaking out at a county board meeting would do little except rile up the members. At the state level, I would simply be another letter filed away and ignored. And as for the federal government, I feel like I have no voice at all. How can we develop a plan of action as a group? So many of us live in shame (I refuse to), and unlike me, feel unable to speak out at all. I guess first we must remove the veil of shame from our sisters, and strengthen them to fight in greater numbers!

      • January 18, 2016 at 6:41 pm

        Leslie, Women Against Registry is made up of the “movers and Shakers” and by that I mean we are getting out there and doing what we can. We will be conducting a Meet and Greet with state legislators and other interested parties on Thursday in Phoenix. Then next month we will conduct the same in Utah. Please feel free to let others know about these events on your site. We are trying to conduct these type events in a state a month in 2016. Vicki Henry


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