“Divine Dignity”

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I discovered Women Against Registry in my frantic search for finding others that are filled by the immeasurable pain and suffering created by the blatant social injustice towards those that are on, or are facing the “Registry”. The ongoing attempt to demonize and create a hate group that instills fear in the eyes and hearts of the uneducated masses and to create a future filled with hopelessness, despair and rejection for those who have been labeled as a “sex offender”. Whose punishment includes no love, no shelter, no employment, and no forgiveness or, heaven forbid any hope to regain a scrap of dignity for the rest of their lives. I am not a good Christian woman, but I do live by choice, a good life according to the Ten Commandments. I thought that “Hell” was the “Divine” way to punish those that had fallen, why is it that the faith based community has taken it upon themselves to replace God’s love, grace and forgiveness with their own agenda, perhaps that is why I remain spiritual and not religious.

I have been ostracized from within my own family, a family that has (had) an unbreakable bond of love and support no matter what. We have endured untimely death, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, incest, divorce, cancer, mental illness, homelessness, suicide attempts and betrayals. The heart wrenching realization that those whom love you deeply cannot associate with you any longer because they are pillars in their community and either teach or counsel children, and their silence let’s you know that they would defend you if they could, but in keeping their friendship/relationship could also jeopardize their lives too. That love has now been poisoned by what others think I deserve now that I am the mother of a “monster”, my only child, my son. I have been accused of raising him badly and caring for him to much, for being responsible for my son’s actions and regrettable choices. My husband (not my son’s father) has abandoned me, and told me that he should have killed my son when he had the chance, and has wished upon me a horrible speedy death. I can try to fend off the idea, but the question will haunt me forever, did I give my son the best possible tools to lead a good and happy life.

This in itself is enough pain to fall silent, until I found W.A.R., I realized that I am not alone, and you reading this are not either. I wake up every morning hoping to harden my feelings so that I can endure this journey. We must be strong enough together to make a difference, history is made up of great human beings that chose to heal lives rather than to oppress and hurt lives. We can continue the fight that others have gave or lost their lives to defend what is civil and right. There are days when I want to give up and vanish to stop the uncontrollable streams of tears and sorrow, I have decided to find strength to allow myself to muster up the will and determination no matter the obstacles which I must face to stand up and fight for our voices to be heard, for our loved ones, our family and friends.

I am one of nearly one million people living here in the U.S.A. who has been or currently is impacted by the sex offender sentencing guidelines. Would you be willing to share your story to offer encouragement and hope to others? Terry

The opinions expressed within posts and comments are solely those of each author, and are not necessarily those of Women Against Registry.

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