No More Suicides, Please!

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Today I read about a Las Vegas Metro police officer who committed suicide by asphyxiation on July 24, 2017. He was facing up to 45 years in prison for child pornography charges.

He was 24 when he was arrested and 25 when he took his life.

Last week it was an 81 year old registered sex offender who took his life by jumping from a bridge in Joliet, Illinois. The news didn’t say whether his registration status had anything to do with his suicide, only that he had just been to the police station that same day to register.

A few years ago it was an Assistant Deputy to a TN State Representative who took his own life when he was caught with child pornography.  If I recall correctly, the young man was in his 30’s.

How many suicides of registrants haven’t I read about? I’m certain there are others.

How many more is it going to take before politicians notice that the “registry” is a killer?

Politicians proclaim that “the registry keeps people safe!”

Well, tell that to the families of those registrants who took their own lives because they felt like they had no other options.  The registry sure as hell didn’t keep their loved ones safe now did it?

I don’t want to read about another registry related suicide.

I don’t want another person who is facing time on the registry to feel like taking their life is their only option.

Choose to Live! That’s a better option!

Choose to Live, Stand Up and Be Counted with the rest of us.

None of us knows what changes may come about tomorrow or next week or next year. Things can change, there’s plenty of people across the country that are working hard to end this madness we call the registry.

Suicide isn’t the answer.

No one wins with suicide. There’s always a lot of collateral damage. Collateral damage that, if you were in your right frame of mind, you would never want your family or friends to have to endure. Don’t even entertain thoughts of suicide.

Suicide in never the answer.

I’ve answered thousands of crisis calls in my career.  Suicide was not an option, ever.

First you choose to live and then you can move on from there. 

There are support lines, crisis centers, physicians, psychiatrists, hospitals, clergy, family, friends and 911. Call someone if you need help.

Don’t let the registry win.  The registry may beat us up, knock us out, throw us around.  We may get a bit battered and bruised. But don’t let it win.

If you feel like you are backed into a corner with no way out, pick up the phone and call someone.  Don’t let the registry bully you into taking your life.

The registry isn’t worth it.

Don’t let it define how you live or die. You are worth more and deserve better than that.

Choose to be a survivor and not a suicide. Please!





The opinions expressed within posts and comments are solely those of each author, and are not necessarily those of Women Against Registry.

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