Sex Offenders & Families of Sex Offenders

I had a conversation recently with an attorney about our registrant and families issues. During the conversation about sex offenders, registry laws and restrictions I asked if he ever did any probono work for registrants. I posed the question because many times the calls to our Registrants and Families of Registrants support line are requests for legal help with a current or past situation. Since we are an all volunteer organization there are no legal resources. His answer was one that totally surprised me. But, the longer I thought about it and the longer I am in this advocacy the more I understand. His reply was, “No, I don’t any longer because the people are ‘unappreciative’ for the assistance.”  So just a suggestion if an attorney agrees to help with your situation and does so, please be grateful and express it genuinely and frequently. From an advocacy perspective I have to say if you look to an advocacy groups for help, support or affiliation please don’t just benefit from the help, accept the support or affiliate, but get involved and get others to do the same. Pick up a candle, light it and share your light with others and on our advocacy.

There are many opportunities and millions are impacted. Encourage friends and advocates alike to get involved. The registry has been around for many years and the impact to our families is mounting every day. Can we count on you?


Vicki Henry

Retired after 25 years with the telephone company in St. Louis Missouri. Began as a cord-board operator (yes like Edith Ann) and retired as a 2nd line manager at headquarters. after choosing not to transfer to Dallas. Worked in the student loan industry for 5 years and then Lowe's for just short of five years. Began this journey in 2009 when I found the Daily Strength - Families of Sex Offenders group then went on to become a part of the communications group at RSOL and in 2011 when it was determined at their annual conference that there was interest in beginning a women's advocacy group I accepted the position of President of Women Against Registry. We are now a nationwide all-volunteer non-profit with members in all 50 states.

5 thoughts on “Sex Offenders & Families of Sex Offenders

  • Janet and all you people on here, I know your upset at all this just as well as myself. I am on the registry and for the love of money I still don’t know who I offended. I know Vicki is a pretty nice lady to take on some of this and organize all this and we are all fighting for the same thing. Sure the sex offender battle isn’t easy.

    I also suggest everyone on here write letters to the editor about any of these law’s, housing restrictions, passport restrictions, and the foreseeing of future punishments as a lot of these things are unjust. The thing about politics is they don’t want to admit their faults and none of us is perfect. We all make mistakes but money and greed and pride goeth before the fall for those in high places.

  • This Law is supposed to “fight against” sex traffickers. In reality it’s a typical Congressional “solution” aimed at fixing a non-existent problem. Who but a politician would imagine that a sex trafficker would “apply” for 30 passports (with unique identifiers” to transport sex slaves he bought from ISIS to a brothel in NV? Or conversely apply for 30 passports to smuggle sex workers out of California and into Bosnia?
    It does damage to everyone’s Constitutional freedoms and (knowing what we all know about how flawed the National Registry already is, it uses the Registry to find names and passports to affix the identifier to…but we all remember how many “innocent” people were messed over when Homeland security started to use their No Fly “lists” to winnow out unsuspecting citizens just trying to get on a plane in the US?
    I say donate / support the case challenging the constitutionality of this International Megans (list) and then kick back and enjoy the chaos as ICE and the State Department use their already bloated budgets to “implement” a very bad law.

  • Today, FEB 1st 2016, is a day we may all feel as if the wheel is spinning and we’re not going anywhere..Bill HR 515 has passed. For the first time in our nation we will have a “Unique Identifier” , a branding of registrants passports which some will view as the second holocaust. A sad day for our constitution. But this will be fought!

    As Vicki Henry wrote: “if you look to an advocacy group(s) for help, support or affiliation please don’t just benefit from the help, accept the support or affiliate, but get involved and get others to do the same. Pick up a candle, light it and share your light with others and on our advocacy”

    From time to time our candles may flicker…but never let them go out.

    • Sick to death of the government’s “ass-backward” solution to “imagined problems”. So now you serve your prison sentence but once you get out don’t ever plan on taking a vacation out of the country because you are now labeled, even on your passport, as a SO. This country did the same thing to Jews, Witches, Adulterers, and Lepers…. now SO’s. When will this ever end?

    • Our only hope now is that President Obama will veto this bill. I have become filled with anxiety awaiting his decision. It feels as if my family and I are waiting for a jury to decide on our fate, and whether or not our lives will be again forever scarred.


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