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Another “Slap On The Wrist” Sentence

This week another young male is in the news for rape, but more so for seemingly having “gotten away with rape”.
He received no jail or prison time and no requirement to register as a sex offender .

What he did receive was 2 years probation which he is allowed to serve in the state where he will be attending college. He is required to have a sex offender treatment evaluation, stay away from alcohol, drugs and the girls he is accused of assaulting. If he can manage to do all of these things, his slate will be wiped clean, like it never happened.

This young man’s attorney’s stated that the goal of the sentence was not to impede the individual from graduating high school but to allow his client to be able to continue the next step in his life, the college experience without the stigma of having to register as a sex offender.

Many are outraged at the sentence, and calling for the judge’s removal. The case in many ways sounds like the early summer case of another young college man who seemingly got a “slap on the wrist” sentence/ 6 months in jail, for raping an unconscious woman.

I can’t help but wonder how these lenient sentences for “contact ” sex offenses sits with our loved ones who are doing time in jails and prisons for “non-contact” offenses.

Once again the justice system has failed and makes a mockery of those doing time for lesser offenses.

Our justice system needs a serious overhaul!

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