A Slight Case of Embarrassment


OK, there, I’ve said it.

Said what everyone out there is thinking and feeling when looking for excuses not to stand up and be heard when it comes to doing something about the registry.

The offenses we’re dealing with are “sex” related. There’s an inherent embarrassment whenever the word “sex” is used. Sex offense, well, that’s the ultimate embarrassment, now isn’t it.?

Embarrassment has the power to make mothers and fathers feel like parenting failures. It makes siblings feel insecure and extended family uncomfortable. Embarrassment even has the power to make long time friends, disappear.

Yes, embarassment can do all of that, if you let it.

I’m not begrudging anyone their “moment” of embarrassment.

We’ve all been there.

That defining moment when you can’t even utter the words “sex offense”. That moment when someone asks you about your loved one and you feel the panic rise in your chest and your palms get sweaty and you wish the earth would open up and swallow you whole.

Embarrassmemt is that powerful.!

But we are more powerful than that one emotion.

We have the power to let go of embarrassment, to not let it define us or our loved ones. We are all so much more than a “sex offense”.

The way I see it, there are 850,000 registrants. Each registrant has family and friends. We’re talking about MILLIONS of people. And each of those individuals have a voice that needs to be heard when it comes to the registry.

Imagine the change we could create if we set aside our feelings of embarrassment and were willing to walk out of the shadows and speak up against the registry .

All it takes is a 47 cent stamp and a letter to Washington from a million or so people.

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