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Abused then..And Now By The Registry

While sitting back in our Florida room the other day reading a Scarlet Letter echo post by Kat, “Is Life After Prison Worse Than Prison Itself?”, a sudden loud knocking at the door startled our dog as she began to bark while running toward the door. Just by the rhythm and volume of the knock.. I knew. Even though all I could see from the distance, out of the upper half moon door window, was that large hand knocking.. I knew who it was. The county deputy was here to verify my residence and the vehicles in our driveway. It was the officer that shows up the majority of the time for address verification.  A very tall stocky officer, yet soft spoken, makes it a quick verification and off he go’s. He is always polite, quiet and fast..unlike others that have appeared. Though my time has been completed, service rendered, the punishment continues.

I find it punishment when a law enforcement officer appears at our house to verify that I sill reside at this residence and that the vehicles in our driveway compare with the ones listed with the departments records. I find it punishment when, if we’re not home at the time, the officer leaves a large yellow note (which stands out) on our door listed as “SEX OFFENDER UNIT” with my name and notice to contact them within 48 hours of the time posted. I feel its punishment when I get odd looks and/or questions from neighbors regarding the officers presence at our house, or from guest that are here at the time of his visit.  I feel its punishment that, on the day after an officer visits, I find a window of my car smashed in. And that’s just the tip of the Iceberg.

We know the sex offender registry is punishment, an abuse of our rights.  Yet the courts and politicians say it’s not. To the courts, politicians and all others that feel the registry is not punishment I would like to say this:  Years ago, long before the registry, I was sexually abused as a child by someone close to the family. And the sexual abuse that I was subjected to, for two years, was nothing compared to the punishment, the pain, the heartache that the sex offender registry has brought onto me, my spouse and our families.  And if I was given the option of either remaining on the sex offender registry, or undergoing two more years of the sexual abuse I experienced as a child..I would choose the latter.
That is how punishing and abusive the sex offender registry is.

One thought on “Abused then..And Now By The Registry

  • Abuse? Now I have to start off with a question mark on this one. Abuse comes in many forms but since we are taking about the registry and things that lead up to the abuse I’ll start with these sex sting operations.
    The registry is just a list to cause abuse and alarm to others. Police on the other hand abuse in these internet sex sting operations.
    Abuse is a form of Evil. Who’s doing the evil that compromises one into all this. If a normal guy was in an adult chat room and some (make believe) teenager is on there, There is only one think she would be in an adult chat site for, right.
    Sexual enticement can be a form of abuse. When one is conning to get one down to meet them, that is a form of abuse. So the police seem to abuse their power to triumph over evil but in a way they are the one’s using evil and abuse.
    Remember law enforcement are “Ministers of Good” but if you do evil than you take your punishment.
    So what is evil? That’s an easy question. Evil is rebelling against someone or some thing. Giving sexual slurs or sexual remarks doesn’t constitute evil, if that’s the case than sticking up your middle finger to someone would be evil.
    Believe it or not the courts and the law are pulling everybody’s leg with all this sex registry stuff.
    So is the registry evil? I would have to say its an evil punishment for one to go thru and I’m going thru this but I don’t take any slack and I tell it like it is.
    Remember if any women, and we are all adults on here, doesn’t consent to sex its abuse.
    I know when caught up in these sex sting operations they will say well you had your choice in the matter, but when the choice is compromised by those who suppose to protect and serve who is doing the abuse that started the whole thing in the first place. I’m sure most men know not to go on teenage websites or chat rooms. So how do you prove that wasn’t a real teenager you were supposedly talking to. One would have to go down and find out or the person on the other end of the computer could pull another number on you. I hope this explains a lot about how people in authority will abuse others for their gain.


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