Lauren Book, They All Matter

Not just Lauren Book’s..

While searching for information regarding an article for W.A.R/FL the other day I came across a video recently posted by Lauren Book. Out of curiosity, if she may mention anything pertaining to her run for Florida Senate, I viewed it.
It turned out to be a waste of my time, all smoke and mirrors, nothing on her walk/Senate run.

During Lauren Book’sĀ over dramatic speech, numbers pulled out of a hat, and shifting of facts there was one thing she said that really hit me.
That was when Lauren Book mentioned the cruelty of her childhood friends when they found out about her situation. In a firm, yet sad, tone of voice she said: “The hateful and hurtful whispers of cruel former friends”. Which is when I suddenly said to myself “What about the children of registrants who suffer the hateful and hurtful whispers, and more, from cruel former friends? The children that suffer the “Collateral Damage” of the registry and the thousands that are on the registry. What about them Lauren, seems they don’t count in your book!”.

The day after photographing the rally in tally last year I tweeted Lauren Book Tell Lauren Book The laws you intended to PROTECT ME made me and my family HOMELESSthe photo I took of Sebastian, our now W.A.R child, with the words
“The kids that are harmed by the SOR, like this homeless one due to the laws meant to protect him, count also!”.

I did not receive a reply from her…That is when I got my answer.

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