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French President’s Wife Would Be On The Registry In The USA

Newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron was just 15 yrs old when he began to fall in love with his 39 yr. old married drama teacher, Brigitte Trogneux.  Macron was attending “La Providence”, a Jesuit school in Amiens in Northern France.  Trogneux was married to a banker and had 3 children. Neither will say exactly when their romance bloomed but there are photos of Macron kissing his future wife on the cheek when he was just 15.  Trogneux says exactly what you’d expect an uninhibited french woman to say “nobody will ever know at what moment our story became a love story.  That belongs to us.  That is our secret.”

Macron’s parents were not happy when they found out about the burgeoning romance and went so far as to ask Brigitte to stay away from their son until he was 18.  Brigitte told his parents she “could not promise anything.”

Macron was sent off to another school in Paris, but not before telling Brigitte that he would come back to find her and marry her, which seems to be exactly what he did. After divorcing her husband, the couple married in 2007.

Today Brigitte Trogneux is Mrs. Emmanuel Macron, the First Lady of France.  She is 64 yrs old, President Macron is 39.

The French have a laissez-faire attitude towards this sort of thing.  Younger men, older women.  It’s no big deal.  Even the fact that things began heating up when Macron was only a teen seemed, well, an inconvenience of sorts rather than a major brouhaha.  The French are more open about sex and relationships then we are in this country.

In this country, had drama teacher Brigitte Trogneux begun a romantic flirtation with a 15 yr. old, she’d be serving 5-10 for sexual exploitation of a minor and she’d be on the sex offender registry for 15 to life.  In France, she’s the First Lady.

How is it that sexual ideology is so different between two countries that get along so well.  How do we rationalize that what happened in France is OK, but if it happened here Brigitte would be viewed as a predator, a monster, a cradle robber, a sex offender and she would be imprisoned and given the title of registrant?

Now that President Macron and his wife Brigitte’s past have hit every tabloid, how will our President view them?  Will he think, “Oh, she’s a sex offender” when he meets Mrs. Macron for the first time?  Will she be viewed as a predator?  After all, she did fall in love with a teenager and in this country she’d be a felon and placed on the punitive sex offender registry?  Will a light-bulb go on in President Trump’s head, maybe our sex offender laws are too harsh?

Perhaps President Trump will realize that Brigitte was simply a woman who fell in love with a much younger man and Macron was a young man who obviously knew what he wanted. After all, he did come back and marry the woman.

France didn’t shame this couple, didn’t throw them in prison, didn’t saddle them with a scarlet letter. Sure maybe a few tongues were wagging when it all started but that died down soon enough and life went on. The French allowed nature to take its course, que sera sera, whatever will be will be.

The First Lady of France seems to be doing just fine.  I haven’t read anything about her having targeted other young teen boys for romantic affairs.  She certainly doesn’t appear to be a predator. She probably enjoys museums, takes walks thru the park, she raised 3 children so she probably picked them up from school.  And yet no one in France worried that she would go after other children, no one threw her in prison or put her on a sex offender registry to keep tabs on her. No one gave her a list of a million places she couldn’t go because kids “might” congregate there.

And now she’s the First Lady of France. Imagine that!.

We need to take a lesson from the French, “some things may be offensive, but they aren’t necessarily an offense.”





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